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RVS Padmavathy School of Architecture

Rathinavel Subramaniam Educational Trust (RVSET) was established in 1983 as a public charitable Trust, in fond memory of Master Rathnavel Subramaniam the elder son of the chairman Lion. Vijayashree Dr. K. V. Kupusamy and Smt. K. Padmavathy, with objectives to create facilities for education, health care catering the rural regions. Today, RVS Educational Trust glows as one of the laudably leading educational organizations of our country, conceived with a frame work of corporate structure under the dynamic captaincy of Dr. K. V. Kupusamy, a well known philanthropist and a versatile visionary.

RVS Padmavathy School of Architecture strives to foster diversity and encourage each other to pursue unpredictable lines of thinking with path-breaking performances and hands-on learning. The college strives to make a change in the field of architecture and education. The main goal lies in providing research, skill development and on ground studio projects for real time exposure through tertiary programs and unique way of looking at the syllabus. We can generate a broader outlook and exposure for young architects to express their craft ship in myriad ways and not just through building design and execution.

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Student Testimonials

Architecture is meticulous leading to a thought “out-of-the-box” and evolving new designs, inviting people to linger or merely functioning as transit area and encouraging elegant,eccentric,modern,vivid, diverse functional space, whereas the concept of engineering is just setting up the commands and designs which were created and preset for the course.

Imran, Fourth Year
  • 4.50

I really love architecture. I feel it has made me a very different person, from my confidence, time management, group skills and all, they improved drastically. And in this course, we have to get to visit so many places in and around our city and view them all in different point of perspective. As we are used to getting grounded so much that it helps us leave behind all our inhibitions and enjoy the course and work no matter.

PrithikaAslinD’souza, Second Year
  • 4.50

For me the most interesting part about architecture is working in studios which are notorious for long nights, intensive model making and desks overflowing with trace papers. And the most important aspect of studio life is the student professor relationship. When learning about architecture, there is no replacement for practical expression.

Venkat Aaron G, Third Year
  • 4.50

Entering into architecture I found that it was not only about subjects but about our lifestyles. It’s not just about designing buildings but also about defining spaces. Here not only can you express yourself through your works but also can you influence lives. This is a course through which we can turn dreams into reality. This course not only makes me feel happy but also makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger.

Natheeshma Singh
  • 4.50

I joined architecture because I love Travel. Architectural course involves practical skills, academic knowledge and more of travel experiences. My interest is designing and creativity is my passion and i love exploring new things.

Gunasekaran M, First Year
  • 4.50

Space remains as a magical notion for me, giving each idea a chance to evolve into something larger. The design process looks to transcend the obvious and to create a more pleasurable experience, buildings that celebrated life and made strong statements. I believe that planning/drawing in situ emerge the structure to be simple and full sail the motive of being.

Apoorva S Pillai, Fourth Year
  • 4.50

For me architecture was nothing but an accident. But that accident is what got me into this wonderful world .where i can explore my surrounding in a totally new perspective architecture is not only about buildings but also lot of other things that not only influences our lives but also have an important role in shaping our lives.

Tamil Nesan R, First Year
  • 4.50

My favourite thing about architecture is I get to be creative and imaginative. The most challenging thing about life as an architecture student is keeping up with the workload . It’s important to be well organized and plan each day . If you’re very interested in being an architect, you’ll find you have passion for your work , which will ensure you stay focused.

Mridhula, Third Year
  • 4.50

Since I am interested in Space planning and working in the field of Interiors, I stumbled upon Architecture. My passion towards Architecture is going to be my Profession in the future.

Anunitaa S, First Year
  • 4.50

I enjoy art, architecture, nature and anything that gives me insight into the history and soul of the place I’m in. Architecture shapes not only structures but also humans.

Keerthana R, Second Year
  • 4.50

For me architecture always seemed like a course where we could express ourselves which is one of the main reason I was always fascinated by it , and it is one of those course where you are able to learn new things every single day.

MukilLatha Mohan, Second Year
  • 4.50

Why limit, criticize or mute expression? Architecture has its own language, not unlike other professions, pursuits, and genres. Does everything have to be diminished and diluted to lowest common denominator.

Praveen, Final Year
  • 4.50

Architecture is the art or practice of designing and constructing building on the other hand is the art of designing. Any how architecture is my passion and I love to do it.

Swethaa N, First Year
  • 4.50

Architecture is an experience which just does not end in 5 years, it is a course where you begin to explore things, an eternal process of learning and understanding spaces twice as much as any other person. It is not a combination of walls and roof, it is about giving a life to a space and changing it into a place.”

Megha M Chhatbar, Final Year
  • 4.50