College is the best time of your life. Freshers day for this academic year 2017-2018 was conducted by our college senior students , welcoming our new joinees to work along with them in coming years. The freshers in colorful attires participated and enjoyed the day to the fullest



Madras - Naalum oru Kanavu will hope to create awarness about the city's historical trajectory, its cuisine, art and culture,its many diverse communities. And, in the process, dismantle the stereotypical images of coffee, Carnatic music that abound in a supposedly conservative city now home IT, automobile, medical and educational sector


Kuppai Thiruvizha, a Kuppai Matters initiative is two-day event encompasses an array of activities on the underlying themes of solid waste management - reduce, refuse, reuse, repair and recycle. This event will give all the participants an opportunity to discover affordable alternatives to everyday plastics such an eco-friendly cutlery, cloth and jute bags, sustainable fashion and organic food. 


The ANATOMY OF GEORGE TOWN is a two-part workshop that looks comparatively at the Historical Urban Setting of the two George Towns Penang, Malaysia and Chennai, TamilNadu, India.

The George Town of Penang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and entails with it a unique and a distinct character. The one in Chennai is a well-known business district with a throbbing pulse and was the starting point of British East India Company.


Neidhal is one of the five SANGAM landscapes. It represents sea and seashore. The theme for the first semester was considered to be the most important factor that could drive and orient the students towards their architectural journey. Hence Neidhal as a theme constituted various exercises that involved a 5 day travel along the seashore of TN and exercise regarding water, water scarcity, impact of water and architecture around the seashore. The students visited multiple churches across the coastal line and shared a direct relationship to the history of architecture for that particular semester.